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2010-11-10 by Randy S. Bretz
Really like that sound you all were putting a builder of cigar box instruments I luv seeing them played by professional musicians...Conqrats on a real nice vid.

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Band of Horses

Band Of Horses     Band of Horses is a Seattle-based band that got their start with Sub Pop, the indie label famed for launching the late 80's grunge scene with bands like Nirvana & Soundgarden. My wife & I blindly purchased tickets to their most recent St. Louis show at the recommendation of Dave Baker (, but missed it due to a date conflict. Instead, I checked them out online and discovered that the guitarist plays a 5-string cigar box guitar, a "Clydesdale" model purchased at the Dublin Guitar Centre in Ireland and built by Daddy Mojo.

Black Cab Sessions Website     The discovery came to me through one of my favorite youtube pastimes, The Black Cab Sessions. With the slogan "One song, one take, one cab", the host & featured artist hail a London cab and record an intimate, bare-bones session as a random cabby drives them around. Last month, in their 91st episode, a hung-over Ben Bridwell & Tyler Ramsey (on cigar box guitar) performed the song 'Ode to LRC'.

  Band Of Horses Play 'Ode To LRC' On The Black Cab Sessions
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