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2012-07-03 by jan
love it.

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Baseball Bat Fiddle

Pink Bat Fiddler Once a year, on Mother's Day, Major League Baseball suspends the regulation that restricts players to using black, brown, red, or white bats and authorizes the use of specially dyed pink bats (by Louisville Slugger) as part of a weeklong program to benefit the Susan G. Kormen for the Cure organization.

    This year at Citi Field a homemade electric fiddle made from one of these signature pink bats was used to play the National Anthem. The performer and creator is Glenn Donnellan, a violinist for the National Symphony Orchestra. He has been making and playing fiddles made from Louisville Sluggers for a couple years now. The fiddle used for this year's opening Anthem is being auctioned off to raise funds for breast cancer research.
Sunday's National Anthem:
Anthem on Baseball Bat Fiddle
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Take Me Out To The Ball Game:
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
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Happy Birthday Willie Mays:
Happy Birthday Willie Mays
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Iron Man:
Interview With Glenn Donnellan + Iron Man
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