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2011-03-12 by Kevin Hobby
'm selling one of these:

Make me an offer.

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Beer Bottle Organ

Guinness Beer Bottle Organ
Guinness Beer Bottle Organ Guinness Beer Bottle Organ Leinenkugel Beer Bottle Organ
    The first and only known bottle organ in history was built in 1798 by an ex-mercenary soldier named Johann Samuel Kühlewein. A church congregation on the island of Helgoland (formally Danish territory, now German) got tired of paying an organ tuner to sail out to the island every month so their pastor commissioned Kühlewein to build an organ that would not go out of tune due to changes in temperature or humidity. His solution was the bottle organ, using sealing wax (which doesn't evaporate) to change the pitch of the bottles.

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    In 1998 a man named Gary Rickert had the same idea, unaware that it had been done 200 years prior. He and two co-workers at Petersen Tuners designed and built a prototype. They then got themselves sponsored by Guinness to build one using only their bottles & growlers. They have since built organs for several other beer companies. Most of them have a 3-octave keyboard, and all can be controlled as a MIDI device. However, at $22,900 you might be better off gathering up some friends to get down on some Tuned Pale Ale.
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