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Buke & Gass

Buke & Gass     Buke & Gass is a prog-rock duo from Brooklyn with a true homemade sound. Arone Dryer & Aron Sanchez make and play their own Frankenstein instruments AND amplifiers. Last month they were featured on NPR, and it's that appearance that brought them to my attention. (thanks dad!)

Buke & Gass     Sanchez's "Gass" is a guitar-bass hybrid with 3 bass strings & 3 guitar strings, amplified separately through two amps. In true Jugtones fashion, the instrument is crafted from the metal of an old 1960s Volvo. Aron has been making instruments for The Blue Man Group for the past 10 years.

Buke & Gass     Dryer's "Buke" is a modified baritone ukulele with 6 strings. She also plays the "toe-bourine" on stage.

Buke & Gass On Tiny Desk
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