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Old Photos

Old Man With Bucket Resonator     American history is rich with the essence of Jugtones, especially during hard times. Poverty, particularly during the Great Depression, prevented many people from owning "real" instruments, but it could not stop the music. Check out this collection of old photos depicting cigar box guiars and other bits of ingenuity by our forefathers:

Little Girl With Cigar Box Guitar Boy In Suit Playing With Cigar Box Guitar Cigar Box Cello & Fiddle Cigar Box Cello & Accordian Scary Cigar Box Ukulele Little Girl With Cigar Box Fiddle 1922 Cigar Box Guitar Full Band With Cigar Box Guitar & Saw Man In A Chair With Cigar Box Mandolin Man In A Suit Playing Cigar Box Cello Lady With Small Banjo
Clown With Cigar Box Instrument I have no idea what this thing is! Grandma With Diddley Bow Army Boy With Cigar Box Ukulele Old Black Man Playing Cigar Box Fiddle Full Band With Cigar Box Guitar, Cigar Box Cello, & Cigar Box Banjo Odd Lumberjack Musical Instruments Big Band With Cigar Box Fiddle
Big Box Cello Small Boy With Cookie Tin Banjo Girl Scouts With Odd Bass Instrument Funny Shot Of Big Bass Banjo Sitting Man On Big Box Cello Band With Gourd Spike Fiddle
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