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Split Lip Rayfield

Split Lip Rayfield      Split Lip Rayfield has been delivering their own special brand of harefooted thrash-grass for more than a decade, and they are certainly no strangers on the festival scene.
I caught them again last weekend at Mulberry Mountain's Harvest Music Festival, introduced by Jeff Austin (YMSB) as "the fastest bluegrass band on the planet."

Jeff Eaton On Gas Tank Weedwacker Bass    Jeff Eaton continues to play his home-made weedwacker bass exclusively on stage after 10+ years. Nicknamed "Stitchgiver", his one-string bass is made from the gas tank of a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis, a piece of hickory, and trimmer line. You can find a set of instructions for building the bass in the liner notes of their latest release, "I'll Be Around".

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