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That 1 Guy & The Magic Pipe Comments:

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That 1 Guy & The Magic Pipe

That 1 Guy And The Magic Pipe

Butt Machine Video By That 1 Guy
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     I discovered a mad scientist at Wakarusa earlier this year. From our campsite I could hear what sounded like a full band, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a single guy going crazy on this wild looking contraption. Standing at 7' tall, Mike Silverman's "Magic Pipe" is a collection of swiveling pipes, metal gears, bass strings, and electronic buttons that can be used to trigger any number of sounds. He couples this with his "Magic Boot", a cowboy boot wired up through the Magic Pipe's audio lines, allowing him to create several percussive sounds with a tap of his foot. While a lot of the sounds he creates are being done simultaneously, he also uses live looping techniques to fill the gaps. It's a high-energy show that I would recommend to anyone who digs a truely unique live perforance. You can find more information & tour dates on his website, that1guy.com.

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