Toilet Seat Bass Comments:

2018-12-15 by
Built by James Garrison. Jackson Mi.

2012-05-17 by sj45
I was the builder of this bass and I can prove it !!!

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Toilet Seat Bass

      Last month (11/4) a toilet seat bass guitar made it onto The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in one of their regular segments entitled "Things We Found On Ebay." In this segment Jay shows the audience odd Ebay finds and then promps them for a verbal poll as to weather or not they think the item was sold. In this instance the guitar in question was sold, but it turns out The Tonight Show actually purchased it as a gift for the house band's leader & bass guitarist, Rickey Minor. Rickey plays a quick lick on the instrument during the segment to demonstrate his new toy.

Tolet Seat Bass on Jay Leno
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     I've put out several feelers in the homemade instrument online communities but so far noone has claimed the build as their own.
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