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Vintage Plans

Vintage Cigar Box Ukulele Plans     The oldest available plans for a cigar box instrument were published in 1884 by Daniel Carter Beard, co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America. The plans for this 5-string banjo can be viewed online (thanks to Google Books) in their 1890 republished form in "The American Boy's Handy Book".

Check out this collection of vintage plans from American history:

1890: How To Build An 'Uncle Enos' Banjo - Daniel Carter Beard
1910: Building a Homemade Cigar Box Ukulele - S. H. Samuels
1920: Cigar Box Uke - Charles A. King
1920: Cigar Box Jazzolin - Popular Mechanics
1923: Musical Instruments From Cigar Boxes - Popular Mechanics
1936: US Patent on a pitch fork instrument - Grant C. Haium
1949: Vaudeville Fiddle - Science and Mechanics Magazine
1954: One-Tube Cigar Box Amplifier - Science & Mechanics Magazine
1955: How To Make A Rebec Fiddle - Roy L. Claugh, Jr.
1960: Fun With a 2x4 Electric Bass - Popular Science Magazine
1976: The Cigar Box Guitar - Guitar Player Magazine
1977: Rawhide Violin
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