Old Crapper (Bedpan Guitar) Comments:

2014-08-04 by Scott Winburn
Tom, thanks! I'm still too attached to this one to give it up though.

2014-08-04 by tomw
love the looks and sound of the crapper guitar.
Do you have planes for it that may be for sale?

2011-03-30 by spudcutter
Nice shitar! Is this your first, or #2? Do you have a problem with fingerpoo on your G-string?

2010-10-25 by Scott
Thanks Trevor! None of these instruments are for sale, but I will probably have to start selling them soon.. (or get a bigger house)

2010-10-25 by Trevor
Great crapmanship! Ok joking aside you built a great sounding and looking instrument here! Wow! The tone that is coming out of this guitar is amazing!

Love to see the creative mind at work! Keep building and playing!
Do you sell these instruments?

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Old Crapper (Bedpan Guitar)
(March 2009)

      If you're looking for an axe with a bit of shock value, urine luck. Weather you play standing, or on a stool, the Old Crapper's leather strap keeps it well hung, which i'm sure you'll find to be a great relief.

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Video: Sound Sample Mix
PDF: Piezo Sandwich Bridge
Spreadsheet: Materials

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