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2011-02-06 by MONGOSLADE

2010-11-20 by Brian Reagor
Absolutely Cool! I wish the radio stations would play these guys. Love the custom made instruments, I am beginning to make some diddley bo's at this time and also interested in one of a kind variations so you guys are a real inspiration to me, keep up the great work and music.

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(November 2009)

      This Thanksgiving weekend i put jam on the leftovers. The $2 garage sale salad bowl from the previous instrument came with 4 serving bowls of a size being just perfect for the scrap of raw hide left from the gourd banjo. Likewise, 10¢ got me half a dozen forks when i really only needed the one. The upholstery tacks and the bone markers were leftover from previous builds as well. The strings, 1 wound and 2 plain steel, were taken from broken sets. I have this salad bowl banjo tuned D-A-D.

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