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Dracula & Friends Lyrics:

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2011-02-26 by steelguitarfrance.com
youze guys got it right ! - Love yer stuff - keep up the good work & Peep on kickin'

2010-11-07 by Phillip
What is not to like about this! Handmade instruments and great music. Thanks for sharing

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2010-05-19: Gourds On Gourds
2010-02-03: Bricks
2010-01-13: Dracula & Friends
Dracula & Friends

Don Ross' "Dracula & Friends Part I", performed in the style of Antoine Dufour. My arrangement includes a 3-string banjo solo with hints of Tommy Gauthier's mandolin in "Breakdown Ross" from Antoine & Tommy's 2009 release, Still Strings.

Featured Instruments: Leftovers

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